Nigeria President of Igbo Extraction: Time To Close Ranks And Back Obi

Beyond all doubt, the South East region of Nigeria should produce the president for the country by 2023. Almost all indices in this regard favours the region.

It is one of the three major ethnic tripods which Nigeria stands on. Also, like the other two planks of the tripod, Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani, the people as well played significant role towards the political independence of Nigeria from Britain . In the same manner, South East has  paid its  fare share of due in the quest for national growth and development.

Infact, if Nigerians are  sincere and honest to themselves, they will acknowledge the open truth that Ndi Igbo more than any other group,  have  scarified more than  any  other ethnic nationality for the unity, stability, peace and progress of the country.

However, it has benefited little or nothing for its selfless effort at nation building. Sixty two years after independence it is yet to occupy the highest political office of president of Nigeria. The other two major ethnic nationalities the Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani on the other hand have severally tasted the juicy pie…

Indeed, they seem to have almost turned it into a relay race between them, as they have  passed the baton between themselves for most of  nation’s leadership history.

Records show that the Yoruba nation have ruled the Nigeria for  cumulative thirteen years, while the North has enjoyed the seat for a whooping forty one years. The South South on its part have been on saddle for six yea.

This, undoubtedly is a classical case of injustice, unfairness and inequity!

It is in a bid to bridge this unimaginable chasm that the people of the zone are neck deep in the clamour for 2023 presidency to be ceded the zone. Apex socio cultural body of the zone Ohanaeze has been very vocal and persuasive in this task. Other fair minded and patriotic individuals and groups across the six regions have also been voicing out support. Most prominent in the support train include Pa Ayo Adebanjo leader of Afenifere, Pa Edwin Clark of PANDEF and ex President Olusegun Obasanjo.

Though it has not been an easy journey so far, it appears however, that the fever of Igbo presidency is gradually catching up with Nigerians. More than anything else, the entrance of Mr Peter Obi the former governor of Anambra State into the race, seems to be the match stick that ignited the ongoing roaring fire of interest in the project.

The overnight change in fortune of the Labour Party which he recently picked its presidential ticket succinctly illustrates the situation at hand. Arguably, Labour Party  is now the third force in the nations political firmament.

The leadership and people of the zone should build on the momentum and energy which Obi’s quest has added to the clamour.

With Ohaneze on the driving seat the zone should quickly step across the Niger and begin constructive engagement with other ethnic nationalities.

This is the way to go now if the people are really desirous of getting presidency. The constitution of the country makes it mandatory that for one to emerge president of the nation, he/she must be endorsed by majority of the regions in the country.

Given that we need others for the project to see the light of success, it has become expedient that all hands are put on deck, to sell Mr Obi to other regions ahead 2023.

With his daily soaring acceptance across the country, if the Igbo socio cultural and political leadership diligently and conscientiously embark on constructive engagement with other zones and market Mr Obi well, the 2023 presidency dream could become reality.


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