Orlu Insecurity: Uwaezuoke Flays  Otulu Killings

…Calls for investigation, retraining of Ebubeagu  

…To meet bereaved families

The National Rescue Movement (NRM) candidate for the Imo West Senatorial District (Orlu Zone), Chief Stephen Uwaezuoke, has condemned the alleged  killing of some  youths from Otulu, Oru West LGA, Imo State, who were reported to be returning home from a traditional wedding at Awomamma,recently.

Chief Uwaezuoke equally condemned the subsequent killing of a young man at Oguta, Oguta Local Government Area, a few days later.

Speaking to newsmen, weekend, Uwaezuoke described the killings as barbaric, unprofessional, uncalled for, and disturbing in the senatorial district.

“From eyewitness accounts, and video clips that have vividly shown what transpired, it appears to be profoundly, unambiguous that, Ebubeagu , the Imo State vigilante security outfit was responsible for  the gruesome act of killing of the young men that attended a traditional wedding ceremony. It is very sad indeed.

” Imo West Senatorial District cannot continue to be subjected to this kind of terror, without any end in sight. The killings in the region have taken a devastating toll on the citizens of the region. Many towns in the region have been deserted, and our economic and social wellbeing have deteriorated, due to lack of economic and social activities in the region.

“Many of our citizens are now leaving in Owerri and other cities, because of the fear of losing their lives in their home and  villages in the zone”,he stressed.

The former ORAPAC USA chairman and a  philanthropist of great repute, berated the incessant killings of  youths, and the raging crime spree in the area,  calling on the state government to conduct an investigation into this problem, and take appropriate measures to discipline those who perpetrated this gruesome acts.

He further suggested that the state government should provide appropriate training for the Ebubeagu vigilante group,  as well as state sponsored vigilante outfit.

He noted that the primary responsibility of the Ebubeagu should be the protection of  citizens’ lives and property.

He added that it was appalling that the citizens whom the vigilante group is supposed to protect are pointing accusing fingers at  the organization, for the incessant assassinations of the citizens in the area.

He said, “One would think that the citizens would be appreciative of the vigilante organization. What went wrong?

Where are our elected Imo House of Assembly members? I am very surprised to notice that  the members of the Imo State House of Assembly,  House of Representatives, and the Senator from our region, have been silent on this matter. Even those of us currently vying for  elective positions in the zone, are not speaking up on these recent gruesome attacks. Any of us that does not speak up and condemn this public execution of our citizens does not deserve to seek any elective position in the Imo West Senatorial District. For the sake of this argument, let’s assume that the young men that were killed were known to be criminals. The appropriate thing to do is to arrest them, charge them with their criminal offences, have a court trial, and let the court decide their fate.

” What happened to the due process of the law? It is a universal legal concept. These young men are innocent until proven guilty. This indiscriminate killing of our young men is indicative of anarchy in our region. It has to stop.

Killing people in the manner it occurred in the traditional marriage ceremony, on Sunday, July 17, 2022, exemplified a state of anarchy.

“I call on the governor and the Imo House of Assembly to, separately set up investigative panels to get to the bottom of what transpired on the dreadful day, and make recommendations on how to reform Ebubeagu.

The current situation in the Imo West Senatorial District calls for a change in the political leadership of Orlu Zone.

” It will not be long, you will have the opportunity, and the power to make the change you desire, with your PVCs.  Make sure theat you will vote, and encourage your family members, friends, church members, club members, and co-workers to vote, too. As you make your choice with your vote, remember that character matters. We need to vote for the change, so we can save Orlu, and return safely to our respective villages. Remember, we  also need Change at the federal level. The Igbo cannot afford to split their votes, let us speak in one voice.”

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