Imo Assembly Speaker’s Aide Never Beat up Any staff, Not to talk of Escaping death-PASAN

The attention of the Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria, PASAN Imo State House of Assembly chapter has been drawn to a malicious publication on the front page of Weekend Trumpeta of Friday 8th April, 2022, an Owerri based tabloid,with the caption “Imo Assembly staff escapes death in the hands of speaker’s aides”.

The malicious story had it that one Mr Williams Onuoha a chamber staff of Imo State House of Assembly escaped death by whiskers from the hands of some security aides attached to the speaker of the House, Rt. Hon. Kennedy Chidozie Ibeh. The wrong report added : ” not only brutalized their victim but almost crushed and kicked him to death”. Furthermore, it was alleged that there was an attempt to abduct the victim with a vehicle by the security aides as contained in the story.

It is very, very unfortunate to still experience such high level of unprofessionalism in journalism where stories are not being investigated to achieve proper balance before reporting.The whole Trumpeta Newspaper story was never investigated before its Publication, rather the paper unprofessionally relied on hear-say.

First, the Trumpeta Newspaper presently has no correspondent in Imo State House of Assembly for any first hand information.So whoever must have given them the unverified information should have made a little effort to reach either the purported aide in question, the said victim as well as the leadership of the workers union – PASAN.
The effort would have given vent to a verified and balanced reportage. Rushing to the public,the way Trumpeta Newspaper did was solely intended to misinform the public and embarrass the office of the Speaker and entire House of Assembly.This lacuna to us amounts to “Yellow Journalism” of anything goes!

The Parliamentary Staff Association of Nigeria,“PASAN” Imo State House of Assembly chapter ably led by Comrade Nnadi Victor on behalf of the Assembly workers hereby debunk the publication as false and malicious,only aimed at tarnishing and disparaging the integrity of the leadership of the House at the same time creating discord between the workers and the House leadership.

We make bold to state here,that yes there was a misunderstanding between one of our staff and an aide to Mr Speaker which the union and the Chief of Staff to the Speaker wasted no time to settle. It was nothing of serious concern or breach of any one’s right.

Any person, group or organization trying to make a mountain or hill out of a tea cup is inevitably a mischief maker and should completely be disregarded.

Signed: Nnadi Victor

PASAN Chairman,
Imo State House of Assembly, IMHA.

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