Community Leader Debunks Kidnap Allegation 

The president of Ogbajirigwe Community Forum, a socio cultural organization of indigens of Owerre Nkwoji Community in Nkwerre LGA,  Chief Macanthony Ahamefula has debunked an allegation that he was planning to kidnap the traditional ruler of his community, Eze B C Unogu as not only  false, malicious and unfounded but a baseless plot hatched by a minority cabal within their community to tarnish his image.

Speaking to newsmen in Owerri Tuesday, Chief Ahamefula who holds the traditional chieftaincy title of Chimereze of Owerre Nkwoji conferred on him by Eze B C Unogu expressed his utter surprise that the few individuals who are hell bent on disrupting the peace and unity of Owerre Nkwoji Community could go to a wild dastardly level of formulating and inciting their traditional ruler who is his maternal uncle to make such frivolous criminal allegation against him.

Explaining further, Chief Ahamefula stated that he had no doubts whatsoever that the  inappropriate occupant of the office their Traditional prime minister, Nze Chinaka Maduakolam and his cohorts had lured Eze Unogu to summon a meeting of Ndi Nze and some Chairmen of Owerre  villages in his palace where he was said to have been misled to make the unfounded, fabricated and spurious allegation against him which he said he is urging the security agencies to investigate appropriately as a  matter of urgency.

Responding to a question on the genesis of the matter, Chief Ahamefula disclosed that an organization known as Owerre Nkwoji Concerned Citizens of which he is secretary had challenged the validity of the tenure of Nze Chinaka Maduakolam as traditional prime minister of Owerre Nkwoji Traditional Ruling Council in view of the fact that his appointment abnitio did not follow due process.

He said that since the publication of their said observation and call for Nze Maduakolam to stop parading himself as  traditional Prime minister of Owerre Nkwoji Community until due constitutional provisions are followed in the selection or election into that office,  stressing that since then Nze Maduakolam and his group have ganged up to intimidate,persecute  and endanger his life to the extent that they had summoned a similar unconstitutional meeting in September 2021 at the same Eze’s palace where they said they had banished and excommunicated him from any association with other indigens of Owerre Nkwoji  community and even his brothers from his own village for a  period of six months and circulated their order in writing to all the villages in Owerre Nkwoji Community with the sole aim of truncating the burial ceremony of his late father scheduled for Friday, December 3, 2021.

Chief Ahamefula stated that at the last general meeting of Owerre Nkwoji Town Union held on December 26, 2021, which he attended,  he gave the sponsors of his said letter of excommunication  two months from the date of the mentioned meeting to recant the  letter in the absence of which he would feel free to seek legal redress to his reputable image which had been badly reduced to a laughing stock as a result of the insult he had suffered due to the forceful clamping of his freedom of expression and association, pointing out that in the absence of the requested letter to restore his freedom of expression and association, he was left with no alternative other than to file a suit against them at the Owerri High Court challenging the validity of their action and that he seriously believe that  the recent false fabrication of a criminal allegation against him was aimed at diverting attention and thwarting the pending court process.


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