Low Education Standard: Release 2019/ 2020 Junior WAEC results, Before holding fresh Exams, Parents Urge Imo Govt

Following the seeming afterthought commencement of the 2020/ 2021 academic session Junior Secondary School, JSS 3, examination otherwise known as Junior WAEC, parents whose wards and children wrote the 2019/2020 exam are demanding for its release.
According to the parents who spoke to our correspondent said while they are not against writing the exams, they are against doing it at the wrong time as well as not releasing the result of the one taken almost two years ago.
The parents who said they are disenchanted with the current state of affairs in the state education sector and particularly the secondary sub sector, opined that it was unheard of that almost two years after an exam was written its result was yet to be released.
They noted that 2020/2021 academic session would have been worse as the examination would not have been taken if not for alarm recently raised by them through Nigeria Newspoint .
They added that the seeming confusion in the sector is glaring pointer to the alleged fallen standard of education in Imo.
The parents who spoke on condition of anonymity insisted that all was not well with Imo education sector at moment, pointing out that the government of Gov Hope Uzodinma needed to take immediate steps to halt the free fall.
According to them the government must beam the searchlight on the education sector with a view to halting the rot and alleged widespread corruption ravaging the system as those hold the key to restoring sanity to the system.
The parents noted that the first and proper way to start the operation is by immediate release of the outstanding JSS 3 exam results as well as returning the exam to its proper time in the state academic calendar.
Similarly, they urged the government to also investigate lingering widespread allegation of massive extortion by Principals of Secondary Schools in the state with a view to bringing those perpetrating the ugly act to book.
According to them, the state education system appears to be on a downward trajectory as signposted by the aforementioned oddities, and unless something is urgently done to arrest the fall, it may hit an all time low level.

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