Bayelsa Inaugurate Miner’s Association

In a bit to reaffirmed it’s loyalty, respected and support to share prosperity administration , the miner’s in Bayelsa State has showcase effort in areas of diligence.

The program was held at Matho crystal hotel Imirigi road Yenagoa, the state chapter was inaugurated comprising the state administrative executive.

Engineer Olu Gbenga, representing the Federal ministry of miner’s and steel, said no miner’s can exist without the Federal government, and we need a proactive measure to put things in place .

The Federal government have given too many benefits to miner’s, but is so unfortunate that Bayelsa State is back ward industrialization .

Further said the natural mineral resources like the Clay sand can be used to construct tiles and other valuable material in the mining industry and challenges faced by miner’s in Bayelsa State need to be supported.

Enebeli .K  also said miner’s is an umbrella body of  the association as a tool to indicate and fight for the welfare and right of the miner’s  member.

We’re going to work in synergy with the Federal government of Nigerian so that those of us in the South South geopolitical zone, will also create room for employment through this solid mineral.

Chairman of the Bayelsa State miner’s Association ( MAN) Samuel Taylor said the his administration will be focus to make the agency understand the importance of miner’s in the state.

The inauguration is in line with the resolution reach out at the inception of the caretaker committee , that the association would stand support all members.

He further said is already taking steps to ensure that transparency and equality is done , those sworn alongside the chairman Samuel Taylor, Ekede Emmaeul pere ,vice Chairman, Angese Kelvin, Secretary, Okans Okans , financial secretary, Mrs Michael nurse Helen, Treasurer, Eng Inengite Donald Tonye , public relations officer.

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