Imo Assembly complex: Another Mbakwe Legacy On Brink of Collapsing

 Nigeria democracy, like democracies all over the world was conceived on a  tripod – Executive, Legislative and  Judiciary. 

They were supposed to be equals carrying out inter related and inter dependent functions for the growth and development of society. 

At the same time they are supposed to act as check on one another to forstall excesses.

However, in the Nigeria context this is not what obtains as the executive seems to hold all the aces due to its control of the treasury  from the federal to the state level.

This situation is why the other two arms are today  under the total domination and control of the executive.

When late Governor Samuel Onunaka Mbakwe conceived and built  the Imo state House of Assembly complex, he did that so that successive assemblies will use the edifice for effective legislative work.

As a democrat he  recognized the critical role the Legislature plays in democracy, hence the provision of  a conductive working environment.

Ever since he built the complex  it has been serving the purpose it was built and in the process became a monument which every well meaning Imo indigene is proud of. 

 Sadly, however,  that  landmark legacy of Sam Mbakwe is on the brink of dying  away  due to abject neglect by successive adminstrations.

One would have thought that the present Assembly especially its leadership would have been concerned about the sorry state of that complex and consequently committed itself to changing the ugly narrative.

But, rather than do that it appears  the current house  prefers working in make-shift offices where majority of their aides and legislative staff are forced to work under trees.

 Really, it beats the imagination that in spite of much touted harmony between the house and Gov Hope Uzodinma the governor has allowed them to remain in a make shift structure since he assumed office.

 During the reign of former Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha, Imo people were deceived into believing that the  complex has been renovated following claims in that regard.

But, after spending over half a billion on that refurbishment, it turned out that what was done was a shoddy job and soon after, the building began to cave in again forcing lawmakers and staff to take  to their heels.

While we blame Okorocha for duping the state with such an important government facility,  Governor Hope Uzodinma also deserves flaks for not bating an eyelid in the direction of renovating it since he came on board. 

As the incumbent  governor  the onus lies on him to do that to save the complex from imminent collapse.

If for no other reason he should remember that it is the present  Assembly Aembers who  sat in  their make shift office to approve  N8bn for his government not long ago.

 Since it seems the leadership of the Assembly is very timid to advocate for their own welfare and well being, the governor has to show that  he is not only a democrat but also, committed to preserving Dee Sam Mbakwe’s  legacies by earnestly renovating that complex.

As it is today, that complex is more than mere office complex. It is one of the democratic monuments and landmarks with which Imo is known and which would be bequeathed to posterity.

It should therefore not be allowed to go into extinction.

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