Bishop Uzoma to IGP, sack corrupt Police officers

The Prelate of Christ Victorious Alive Revival Mission and Rector, Alive Theological Seminary of Nigeria owerri, Bishop Uzoma Emmanuel Afamefuna has  expressed worry on the number of police check points in the South East and South South which duty he alleges is to collect money from motorists. The cleric condemned a situation where “police toll gates” will be found in every one hundred metres. These police men according to his Lordship never have the masses’ interest at heart but are selfish and solely engage in the business of collecting money from drivers.In his view the Inspector General of Police should bring such officers to book .

Narrating his recent ugly experience, he said he was assulted by one soldier who stopped “our bus between Omarelu and Imo state  boundary, accusing me of making calls when I was even sleeping due to stress”.

The said officer, he narratted ordered that I should come down from the bus,I came down and he started questioning me about my identity I responded, he continued using defamatory statement on me,saying that we Bishops do bury human beings at the altar and use human beings for rituals.

 “I told him I am not aware, I am different from them ,he picked offence saying that he would deal with me and asked to know from him what offence I had  committed. He insisted that I was making calls,and the other passengers told him it was not true,he later ordered everybody in the bus to come down.

And we obeyed and he started searching our loads in the Bus for almost 30 minutes.

According to him, these soldiers who are on these check points should be disciplined they are there to extort money from people , can such happen in the North, it’s only here?

He urged the Federal Government sh urgently do something and withdraw all the solders at toll gate let them go back to the barracks and our boarders

Bishop Uzorma Emmanuel: ,I hate this experience and the hell of insult I received from the office ,I know that if I were an ordinary person he would have flogged me or used any other way to punish me but I was very bold to tell him that Iam a responsible man and an elder statesman

Bishop Uzorma Emmanuel: Can the IGP deny the fact that he does not know the collection of these money from his men? Please let these police men be cautioned to avoid have issues with civilians

Bishop Uzorma Emmanuel: Nigerian police and solders have lost their reputation due to corruption, no one takes them serious again even outside the country, those youths going for recruitment is because of no job otherwise no right thinking Nigerian youth will enlist to be a force person

Bishop Uzorma Emmanuel: The federal government should dismantle all the road blocks and devise other means of checking the activities of men of under world

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