Abussers Of Lovers’ Day will answer to God, cautions Odikanwa

An Owerri based Cleric and founder of Platform of Conform Ministries, Also Known as Comfort Assembly,Rev. Barr. Princewill Odikanwa has stated that God”s judgment will come upon those who abused the essence and sugnificance of St. Valentine Day Celebration, popularly known as Lovers Day.

Rev Odikanwa spoke in Owerri, while reacting to the spate of imorality witnessed during Lovers Day Celebration.

Explaining the essence of the celebration, he said is a Day mapped out to celebrate St. Valentine due to his committed, selfless and saving efforts to protect the sanctity of the marriage Institution and display of Agape.,

Displeased by level of immorality that have characterised Lovers Day, the cleric said “Feb.14th is not about sex centeredness, immorality, prostitution, youths going nude, or married women and men committing adultery, what they are celebrating is not Agape love is satanism,

His words, there is Chirstmas Day, Easter Day, Children’s Day, Workers Day and there is also judgement Day,God will judge those

who abused and misrepresented Lover’s Day for the sins they committed on that day and other days of their lives.

The founder of Comfort Assembly explained that the day was meant to be a holy day to show God’s kind of Love known as Agape love,  his words,” St Valentine, carried out activities to protect family union, he made selfless efforts and stood firm for the betterment of families,he was fully focused and refused to be distracted by troubles around him”,

According to the cleric. February 14th is supposed to be a historic day but it has been abused , he questioned “those celetraing Lovers Day, do they know what it stands for. can they display the Agape kind of love and selfless sacrifices Showcased by St.Valentine.

He asked; can the political leaders show Agape love to the people they are leading? their actions should not be about their selfish interest, their actions should be about over riding public interest”

The cleric who noted that if St Valentine had lived an immoral life nobody will remember him also called on church leader, politicians in leadership position and other leaders to show God’s kind of love to their followers.

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