Geo Cassidy urges Gov, Deputy to be patient with Imolites, avoid quick temper

Concerned Imo State citizen and political analyst, Mr. Geo Cassidy Josiah has advised the state governor, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha and the deputy governor of the state, Hon Engr. Gerald Irona to prove cynics and doubting Thomases insinuating that the governor and his deputy are persons of violent temper who would soon be driven apart by personal ego and pride wrong.
According to Geo Cassidy, some people are of the opinion that time shall come when Rt. Hon. Ihedioha and Gerald Irona would hardly agree on any issue concerning the state, ‘To such people, Ihedioha and Irona are arrogant, overbearing and undiplomatic in handling provocative situations”. This is the very reason why the governor and his deputy would soon fall apart, even to the extent of exchanging blows. But if this ugly scenario does not arise, the better for Imo state,” Cassidy stated.
Continuing, Geo Cassidy, a sports promoter and philanthropist explained his own belief about Ihedioha/Irona administration thus, “as far as I am concerned, both Ihedioha and Irona are seasoned administrators and brilliant managers of human and material resources, having held various sensitive public offices.
Those who are of the opinion that the two highly distinguished personalities would have reasons enough to mess themselves up in piloting the affairs of Imo State are being childish. Such persons should think of something better and also learn to think positively. I mean that those who are yet to believe that God has blessed Imo State with the best governorship squad should begin to approach issues from the right perspective. We all should pray for the governor and his deputy, rather than begin to find fault with their personal character traits”.
He stressed that the governor and his deputy are good and young enough politicians who do not only want to make Imolites happy but also, wish to go higher politically. “I want to bet anyone who cares that the collective interest of Ihedioha and Irona is a better Imo State. So, for this reason, the two men must have dropped their bad temper or any other natural misgiving as the only ladder to good governance are cool-headedness, humility and tolerance.

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