Hide your face in shame, you disappointed Imolites, Protus replies Rochas

A university don and renowned social critic, Prof Protus Nathan Uzorma,(the Reformer) has called on former governor Rochas Okorocha to shut up his mouth and hide his face in shame for plunging Imo into excruciating suffering through his inept government of 8years.
Prof Protus made the statement on Wednesday, while reacting to questions from press men who accosted him and asked him to respond to a front page story in one of the local tabloids where Okorocha asked governor Emeka Ihedioha to stop excuses and fix the roads.
The prolific writer exppresed concern that former governor Okorocha could still muster the temerity to speak on the governance of Imo state when his 8 years reign was the worst ever recorded in the history of Imo.
The fiery writer noted that Okorocha’s administration wrecked hovoc in all the facet of the state structure such that it will take a genius to fix in a short time.
According to him, all the roads Okorocha built with billions of Imo resources failed in his presence.
They became impassable three months after he left office.
He said it is only in Nigeria that people like Okorocha could still move around and talk nonsense having wasted the future of many as a governor.
He listed some of the failed roads to include: MCC-Toronro, Umuguma-World Banks, Control- PortHarcourt Roads and even the two tunnels along that axis that were constructed with tax payers money became death-trap as soon as it was completed.
He also mentioned Nekede-Ihiagwa, Amakohia ubi-Ndegwu, Owuamakohia and other numerous roads across all the local governments in the state.
He dared the governor to proof him wrong on these.
According to him, Rochas claim that he left N5.2 billion in Access bank for payment of pension is a cock and bull story.
Prof querried why he had to keep the money when pensioners were owed years of arrears.
He said, ” we know who Okorocha is, he likes talking from two sides of his mouth.
‘was he not the same person who said he has finished all the works in Imo state and that gov. Ihedioha has come to relax and enjoy. How come he is asking him to fix the roads? I am so amazed that he keeps contradicting himself”, the reformer retorted.
The university lecturer observed that it is only those Imolites who do not understand the magnitude of decay in Imo, particularly in Road infrastructure, that will expect the government of Emeka Ihedioha to perform magic within the time he came to power.
He appluded Ihedioha for bringing intelletualism to governance by tackling the issues from the source, rather than the impressionistic government style of Rochas Okorocha.
He cited the example of committee on Ahiajuku lecture which the governor recently inaugurated as a show of intellectual capacity.
He observed that former governor Rochas couldn’t have embark on such venture, because according to him, nobody can give what he doesn’t have.

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