BOB NJEMANZE FLAYS IHEDIOHA’S 27 LG STADIA PROJECTS“Its another Okorocha’s 27 general hospitals”…Warns Governor to be wary of moles

Elder statesman and fiery critic, Ndaa Bob Njemanze says Governor Emeka Ihedioha’s 27 stadiums project and construction of local government secretariats are not in tune with expectations of beleaguered Imo people at this point in time in the state.
Njemanze who spoke to Nigeria Newspoint on vexed issues of governance in Imo weekend also advised Governor Ihedioha to be careful with those banner peels that derailed the outgone Rochas Okorocha administration in the state.
The Owerri Nehi-Ise-born member of the 2014 Political Reform Conference of then President Goodluck Jonathan made it clear that the state government’s involvement in construction of local governments’ stadiums and secretariats was tantamount to violation of the autonomy of local governments and operation of their accounts.
“I want to assure that there are no moles in the present Ihedioha government. The short way to defraud LGAs is by initiating projects supervised by agents of the state government. This gives room to pull-at-source from LGAs’ account… It is giving with one hand and taking it back with the other; pilfering it with the other hand”, Njemanze stated.
Continuing, Njemanze said the fact that Governor Ihedioha is a very meticulous young-man does not credit him as one with “affectation knowledge” hence the need to “call his attention on this agitating issue”. He noted that Imo people could not have come out of frying pan and get into fire and still say glory be to God adding that the people have an over-board expectation from the present administration which he said, also makes them eager to mark its achievements in its first 100 days in office.
According to him, “it will be unfortunate should first 100 days be laced with very fraudulent projects. There are many things to be put right before embarking on white elephants projects”.
Njemanze identified unpaid salaries, pensions, repair of roads, return of property to the rightful owners, recovery of loots, restoration of traffic lights, harmonization of traffic, restoration of law and order, roads rehabilitation and many other issues begging for attention. He called for restoration of traditional institutions and heritages allegedly destroyed by the past administration of Okorocha.
“All these are just a tip of the iceberg of challenges facing Ihedioha. Governor Ihedioha can’t play Nero who fiddled while Rome was burning. So, this is not time for praise-singing, this is time to give support and encourage and help lead the government to the path of salvation.
“Imolites suffered, so it will be wrong for any elder acquiesce to any mistake that will further drown us”, he added. While blasting those who worked with last administration of Okorocha for turning round to call for his probe now, Njemanze admonished Ihedioha to engage people in town halls before embarking on projects that affect the locals.

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