Periscope on Rochas’ morbid phobia for jail

The article entitled: Governor Emeka Ihedioha And The Contract Award Panel From 1999 To 2029 (20 Years)” written by Sam Rochas Onwuemeodo, the Special Antagonist on Media to ex-governor Rochas Okorocha, has only one deep structure theme and leaves one message: “Rochas is afraid of jail”!
On the surface structure, however, the ex-governor presented his usual façadé of crying for Jesus instead of crying for himself. He waxed advisorial, analysing the down side of the probe of contract awards in the State since the advent of the 4th republic, 1999-2019. In all, he showed the Imo State governor, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, CON, KSC on the potential challenges embedded in the probe.
In fact, reading through the statement pulled a couple of tears at least from my eyes for Rochas. The man was practically begin for mercy and forgiveness. He sounded drained, apologetic and defeated.
Excerpts from the statement of the governor:
“The governor, Chief Emeka ihedioha has set up a panel to probe the Award of Contracts from the regime of Achike Udenwa which is from 1999 to 2007, Ikedi Ohakim’s era from 2007 to 2011. And Rochas Okorocha’s period from 2011to 2019. We are talking about 20years. On the face value and even when thoroughly x-rayed his target is Okorocha. He only added his pdp brothers to deceive the weak at heart. Even at that for lhedioha to begin to probe the Award of Contracts by all those who had governed the state before him only showed the kind of person he is. And the kind of spirit he has. Thereby confirming an impression lmo people already have about him. Udenwa didn’t probe contracts awarded by Mbakwe, Enwerem, and all the military administrators before him. Ohakim didn’t do that. Rochas didn’t do that. Ihedioha is today doing what those before him didn’t do. Those advising lhedioha to adopt this combatant approach would discover at the end of the day that they deceived him. The general feeling in the state is that he is not doing any other thing than to fight Okorocha. He has clothed his administration with that feeling. Ditto himself. Also, at the end of the day he will discover that he has succeeded in giving much load to his government more than it can carry. How would he implement the reports of these panels and committees. The whole thing will end up in court. And he may not be there when the whole thing will end. In case he does not know, if there is another election today, his party would think twice before fielding him because he has generated a lot of ill-feelings for himself. His style is strange. A government that is not more than 3 months has created much tension in the state. And the fear of most politicians in the state including the key players is that with this style, everybody is in trouble if he continues to be governor. That is the worry. Everyday, what people read is the troubles in lmo state. If he had intended to creat fear in certain politicians he has only succeeded in making people to get prepared for him. He has subdued his administration. It is no more breathing but only existing. He should know that he cannot do more than what the law allows him as governor. He is not a military administrator but civilian governor. And his appointees are now leveraging on the tensed atmosphere he has created to be doing strange things . His style is unknown to the state. And no reason can justify that.”
The ex-governor in his desperation must have forgotten that Gov. Ihedioha’s style doesn’t need to be known to the state provided it’s known to rule of law and due process. And what really is wrong in conducting a probe that stretches the whole of 20 years?
Looking at the expressions in bold in the statement proves that in spite of his display of pride, arrogance, bravado and braggadocio, the ex-governor has no lever to withstand the heat when the storm sets in. What a pity! But no mercy for any incestuous conduct!
Only male animals corpulate corpulate with their mothers, sisters and aunts. Among human beings, such evil, wicked conduct is called “incest”. Any man who has carbal knowledge of his mother, sister or aunt is guilty of incest. It’s sacrilege and a desecration of the land. A traditional sacrifice and ritual is required to appease the land!
Rochas raped Imo his mother and mother of all Ndimo. That’s incest. He desecrated the land. That’s sacrilege. Ordinarily, a sacrifice and ritual is required to appease Imo land. Rochas needs to cleanse the Imo land. But under this circumstances of modernity, a substitute to sacrifice and ritual suffices. And that is jail!
From the way and manner the chapters of the “Book of the Atrocities of Rochas” are opening slowly but steadily, his final destination from the court seems very certain!
I will leave this short essay on that note of Rochas’ dilemma. But not without my acknowledgement of the biblical admonition that there’s no peace for the wicked!

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