Need for INEC to conduct credible elections

There have been allegations from opposition political parties that the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC wants to rig the coming general election especially the presidential election in favour of the ruling APC.
This allegation although not yet authenticated is nevertheless a source of concern. Although INEC has come out to deny the allegation we are still constrained to call on INEC to do everything within its powers to conduct a credible, free and fair election.
We feel the electoral umpire has no other option than to conduct an election that will meet minimum global standard. In the first place, it is no longer a secret that the country is seriously charged on the eve of this years elections. And being thus charged tampers could flare up if the polls are seen or even perceived to have been manipulated. Therefore to forestall violence and possible breakdown of law and order INEC owe it a duty to itself and Nigeria to conduct a credible poll.
When elections are free and fair people are given the opportunity to elect those they want. The direct implication of this outcome is that the much desired good governance can become a reality. Similarly, good governance would almost always bring about delivery of dividends of democracy to the electorate.
The truth as we approach 2019 elections is that the people want their votes to count. They want to freely give their mandate to whoever they want and as an institution funded with tax payers money INEC should allow this heart desire of Nigerians manifest. It should not subvert or undermine this wish. Anything short of delivering an election Nigerians will be proud of on February 16 National and March 2 state elections will be unacceptable to Nigerians.
A word they say is enough for the wise.

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