2019 Governorship: Imo needs YPP, Okorie now for rapid development…He leads new generation of leadersTrustworthy, dynamic

Ahead of the 2019 governorship election, Imolites are no doubt in search of a new generation of dynamic leaders that can be trusted.
While various administrations in Imo State past and present since 1999 have continued to pay lip service to the core issues of industrialization, human capital development and critical infrastructure, the already beleaguered Imolites from investigations, are beginning to think towards younger, creative and emerging leaders in the mode of Mr. Linus Okorie.
Today, the sincerity of Mr. Okorie which was hatched in 1999, has become an institution of truth, and pioneered a leadership system that processes transformation of leaders, shaping conversations that build outstanding leaders of Nigeria.
Unlike the “old brigade” who have virtually run Imo State aground socio-economically, Mr. Okorie was recognized by United States Government in 2013 having been selected for the International Visitors Leadership Porgramme (IVLP), a programme that the American Government offers current and emerging international leaders the experience, the richness and diversity of American political, economic and cultural life via carefully designed exchanges.
From the standpoint of sincerity, Okorie is said to have positively affected the lives of 300,000 young people in various parts of Nigeria and internationally through his life-changing television and radio broadcasts and mentorship.
There is now a consensus on the part of greater majority of Imo citizens that the over-recycled and selfish crop of old politicians cannot lead Imo anywhere hence they must be held accountable for the unprecedented unemployment situation, non payment of pensions and salaries, poor quality infrastructure, planlessness in governance, cancerous corruption and unparalleled greed on the part of leadership which has in turn, reduced most citizens to sub-humans.
This is where an emerging leader like Linus Okorie come into focus. Okorie’s Progress from Sincerity 1999 to Prosperity 2019 is most exciting. His organizational leadership experience acquired through his Regent University and Harvard University leadership training and practice, bear testimony to the endless possibilities that Imo State will witness if Okorie is given the mandate in 2019 as governor.
The future bacons and all citizens in Imo are craving for a change, a far cry from the old order and Okorie has what it takes to make the expected huge difference ; economically and human development wise. Imo needs Okorie and Young Progressive Party, YPP, now

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