Task before FRSC, security agencies as Yuletide approaches

In less than two weeks away, Nigeria will join the rest of the world to celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities. These two celebrations no doubt, are characterized by increased socio-economic activities including heavy vehicular traffic on the roads accompanied with increasing number of travelers.
Here in Nigeria, the period is usually marked by upsurge in auto accidents as road users especially, commercial drivers tend to become reckless in their driving in order to rake in more money from transport fares. It is this particular mindset among road users that culminates in incessant road accidents during the Yuletide.
Again, it has been found that the practice of night travels thrive during his same period. Not only do these night travels lead or contribute to carnage on our roads, they are also fraught with incidents of armed robbery attacks and kidnapping by hoodlums intent on taking undue advantage of the situation. Ritual killings are also common or prevalent during this season invariably against the supposed spirit of the season.
Against this backdrop, it becomes imperative that agencies like the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, the police and other security outfits should begin sanitation campaigns to enlighten the citizens on the need for safety not only on the highways, but also in business and residential environments as Christmas and New Year are fast approaching.
FRSC for instance, should leverage the radio, television and other mass media channels to remind drivers on the need to avoid recklessness this season, as well as informing them on the necessity for regular check and maintenance of their vehicles including minimizing night travels.
Security agencies such as the police and Civil Defence Corps, should also double patrol on our roads in cities, towns and villages. Police men at checkpoints are expected to scrutinize suspicious vehicles whether private or commercial, in order to apprehend suspected armed robbers, ritualists, kidnappers, car snatchers and the like.

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