Need to be vigilant this Christmas

The clock has gone full circle and December the twelfth and last month of the year is here with us again. All over the world, particularly in countries and regions where Christianity is the dominant religion, December beyond being the last month of the year is also significant for the well known reason of being the month of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Lord and saviour of the whole wild world.
Usually, Christians remember the birth of Jesus Christ with festivities prominent of which are Christmas day and Boxing day. Often, Christian faithful spend money preparing for Christmas. In fact, this is the time of the year when all economic and business activities reach a crescendo as Christians busy themselves buying and selling goods and services needed to commemorate the festive period.
As experience has shown the month of December comes with so many challenges mostly in this part of the world primarily caused by the ambition to celebrate Christmas in style. Some of the challenges associated with the period includes but not limited to increased road traffic and crashes, insecurity which is fueled by inordinate quest to celebrate Christmas and drastic economic and business slowdown
However, among these challenges the problem of insecurity has always been the biggest challenge Imolites and indeed, Nigerians face in December. The sharp rise in crimes of all kinds and colours during this festive period as hinted earlier is mostly a fallout of inordinate crave to celebrate Christmas. This condemnable tendency which is found mostly among youths can rightly be blamed for the usual upsurge in armed robbery, kidnapping, ritual killing and even prostitution among the ladies that seem to have become permanent features of Christmas. Already, we have started seeing and hearing of the committing of the above crimes since the dawn of “the ember” months. Recently, the media was awash with stories about the gruesome murder of a female undergraduate in Delta State by Yahoo plus boys. In Imo state also most residents can still recall the recent kidnap of a two year baby in Irete, a suburb of Owerri. Reports revealed that the alleged kidnapper had boasted earlier in the year that she must drive a car this December.
So many more of the crimes and criminalities that are being committed just to celebrate Christmas of course have not been brought to public domain.
The fact the this season is synonymous with insecurity we think is more than enough reason for government and it’s security agencies and the citizenry
to redouble their vigilance. The government in particular has a lot of role to play here. Governments at all levels should invest in securing lives and property of citizens this period. Beyond investing in equipments and other security infrastructure security personnel should also be motivated to give their best to their fatherland. According to the constitution of Nigeria the welfare and security of people are Paramount reasons governments exist, accordingly any government incapable of discharging this onerous responsibility is not fit to addressed as one. The fact that Diasporians also return home from their abodes all over the world to celebrate with their kith and kin at home makes it even more imperative for security to be water tight at Christmas to enable returnees sleep with two eyes closed and, most importantly, go back to their bases with good news about their States.
For the people experience teaches that everybody should be extra cautious and vigilant. It is only through vigilance that they can celebrate Christmas in one body and in happiness, otherwise the reverse maybe the case.
But, this is not what any human being with human heart can wish even for his worst enemy. Our wish and prayer is that Imolites and Nigerians celebrate Christmas in peace and security.The best strategy towards achieving this is nothing but vigilance.

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