Imolites flay Rochas over N1000 cash gift to 3yr-old

Imolites have criticised Gov Rochas Okorocha for giving one thousand naira(N1000) cash gift to a three year old boy in Owerri, weekend.
According to an eyewitness the governor was in Douglas last Saturday ostensibly on inspection of his urban renewal projects when incident took place.
It was learnt that in the process of the inspection the governor had come across the child and the mother and in display of his fabled love for the poor stretched his hands and carried the child.
However, countenances of onlookers who were watching the the scene soon changed after the governor slipped one thousand naira note into the child’s hand.
This action instantly provoked murmuring and condemnation from the crowd which was watching the drama.
Some of those who spoke on condition of anonymity alleged that the governor is continuing his alleged anti people policy of spreading poverty in the state.
They argued that if it had been a governor who is generous and welfarist inclined the story of the kid and his family would have changed for the better after that
chance encounter pointing out that
boy and his family would have regretted the encounter.
They said the time has come for the governor to stop his policy of spreading poverty and pauperisng Imolites who they have a right to good living and prosperity.

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