Imo 2019: YPP, Okorie can be credible alternative as next Governor …Imo needs new ideas, …fresh breath, super economy

Imo governorship election for 2019 is gradually taking shape with the primaries of political parties now over. However, events after the primaries have shown that the ‘old brigade’ appear bent on consolidating on their grip of Imo State especially, when one looks at the candidates of the acclaimed big political parties who have just emerged from the exercise.

The implication of the seeming vice grip on power in Imo State by these old war horses can readily be seen on the palpable state of affairs in the state evident in widespread poverty, hunger, collapse of infrastructure and planlessness in governance.

It is against this background that many Imolites have begun the search for a new generation of leaders loaded with ideas to transform the state towards the realization of the dream of A WORLD CLASS Imo with ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES.

One man who has vowed to use his skills and 21st century ideas to effect the much needed paradigm shift in governance of Imo is Mr. Linus Okorie. The Young Progressive Party, YPP, gubernatorial candidate for 2019 governorship election is a renown leadership development coach and human capital development consultant.

For over 20 years, Okorie has been known as a relentless icon in the quest for good leadership in public and corporate governance in Nigeria. Okorie has piloted GOTNI to become Nigeria’s foremost leadership capital development organization with the establishment of GOTNI Leadership Centre (GLC) in Maitama, Abuja.

For two decade, Okorie has been consistent in his drive to imbibe effective leadership skills and values in emerging new leadership generations. Many Imolites are already shifting focus to new generation leadership stars Dike Okorie in view of the obvious ineptitude of the old faces intent on pocketing Imo and her common wealth for selfish purposes.

In one of his excellent deliveries, the YPP governorship candidate for Imo in 2019 had this to say: “If a man does not have a purpose for waking up, sleeping becomes very interesting”. In other words, if Imo people keep electing the same category of political leaders, they will definitely continue to get the same result.

Imo people are optimistic that the young, vibrant Okorie has the capacity to model a world class Imo via massive human capital development and job creation, to attract global and local resources, to unleashing excellence in governance for quality, productive, robust and thriving economy for all Imolites.


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