Nwaogu cautions FG,don’t approve same sex marriage,

The Presiding Bishop, Praise Center Church Int’l Rt. Rev. Stafford Nwaogu has advised Nigerian government against accepting or lifting ban on same sex marriage and gay insisting it is against bible principles and our values.
Bishop Nwaogu gave the advice following recent reported advice by the British Prime Minister Mrs. Theresa May ursine President Mohammadu Buhari to allow same sex marriage.
According to reports, the British Prime Minister gave the advice to President Buhari during one of his official visits to Britain.
While expressing his concern over such an advice from Nigeria’s Colonial Master and indeed almost the entire world, Bishop Nwaogu recalled that it was same Britain that spread Christianity across the world.
Continuing, the immediate past Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Imo State Chapter also pointed out that Bible which is the Word of God we worship never encouraged Same Sex Marriage or Homosexuality nor Lesbianism, rather it condemned such unnatural behaviors as contained in the Holy Bible.
The Pentecostal Prelate therefore advised the British government not to impose an unnatural value on people because nations or people have their own tested natural values they practiced.
He described such unnatural practices promoted by many Western Countries as anti – Christ and lamented that the removal of the Bible from schools by many Western World has denied many of those born after 1963 the knowledge of God, Christianity and the nation Israel.
This act he said has banished absolute truth leaving only relativity of the truth to the World, and has made abnormalities and or unnatural become easily accepted.
Bishop Nwaogu remarked that acceptance of same Sex Marriage or Gay is now a hidden condition for being elected or re – elected as President of a nation which has given rise to Presidential elections of nations to be internationally rigged.
He added that it has been observed that Presidents and nations who refuse same sex marriage and the like are penalized by cutting off grants or aids meant for them and maintained that Britain a Christian nation should not be propagating anti-Christ movements.
In the case of the Middle East politics, Bishop Nwaogu said, the owner is called occupier while the occupier is called owner, therefore he called on the West and UN to answer who is really the occupier of Gaza, West Bank and Jerusalem? He pointed out that another name for Jerusalem is city of David and it was King David who first declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel.
Bishop Nwaogu commended President Donald Trump who has continued to uphold absolute truth in World Issues and other World Leaders who are also
uncompromising the truth.

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