Fallout of Imo Congresses: APC accuses Okorocha of forgery, may file charges against him

The leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress,APC has alleged that Gov Anayo Rochas Okorocha and his supporters forged the memo which they claimed emanated from the national secretariat of the party in respect of the party’s congresses in Imo state.
The National Publicity Secretary of the party, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi who issued this refutal in a statement issued by the party condemning what he said was Gov Okorocha’s libellous attacks on the party and its leaders,not only denied the claim but also stated that the party is currently getting legal advice preparatory to taking legal action to fish out and punish perpetrators of the forgery.
Explaining the circumstances surrounding the memo which he said was published in an advertorial in the Daily Trust Newspaper of June 11 2018, Mallam Adamu disclosed that at no time did the APC national leadership generate such a memo which he described as glaringly inconsistent.
According to him there is no responsible organization where one individual would generate a memo and another person signs the same document. He pointed out that this discrepancy betrays the desperation of those who originated the document.
Accodiing toAbdullahi ,the published memo by agents of Imo State government is fake. No such memo was generated by our party. A casual look will reveal the inconsistency of the published document. The memo,according to the published advertorial was generated by the chief of staff to the APC National Chairman, Edwin Ikhinmwin but signed by the party’s Legal Adviser, Dr Muiz Banire (SAN).
The Pub Sec further noted that, It is impossible for such an incoherent document to have emerged from our party, or any sane organization for one person to generate a memo and another person to sign it.  ”Indeed, Banire, our party Legal Adviser and the Chief of Staff, have denounced the document as fake, stating clearly that they neither originated nor signed such memo. This is therefore, a clear case of forgery,borne out of desperation “,he opined
Beyond the alleged forgery the APC also denied receiving any court injunction stopping it from holding congresses in Imo, pointing out that going by the date the government published in the said advertorial,the party received the document four clear days after the Ward and LG congresses.He added, that on this basis the injunction does not even serve the interest of the governor.
According to him status quo here coming days after the congresses actually meant that nobody should interfere with the officials elected as party executive in the state.
The party spokesman made it abundantly clear that the issue of congresses has been concluded in the state and advised Gov Okorocha to toe the honourable path and start working with the duly elected party executive in the state for the good of the party as that is the only option left for him.

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