APGA’ll flush out APC from Imo with Okey Ezeh as candidate – Chieftain

A prominent leader in the All Progressives Grand Alliance ,APGA, in Imo State, High Chief I.I. Ekeiwu, has frowned at what he described as “a litany of lies by the incumbent administration in the state”, which only achievement he said is to take Imo State four decades backwards.
Speaking to journalists in Owerri on Wednesday, the IsialaMbano-born politician said it is unfortunate that instead of apologizing to Imo people for squandering their resources, wasting their time and plunging the state into disaster, GovOkorocha once again occupied public space on Democracy Day enumerating fanthom achievements which in reality exist only in his warped imagination.
On the possibility of sacking APC from power in Imo State come 2019, the UgwumbaUmuenyi submitted that much that it is of great importance to flush out APC from the state next year, it is of overriding necessity to ensure that the mantle of leadership is given to someone who understands what can be done to place Imo among the league of prosperous states in Nigeria.
“We cannot move from frying pan to fire again. Never again will Imo people reject Satan and accept the Devil. Of a truth,  Imolites will vehemently resist people of questionable character come 2019.
“One exciting thing now, and indeed the reason analysts view APGA as the best option at the polls next year, is the quality of aspirants our party parades. They are mostly people who have one thing or the other to contribute to our economic recovery and development. So we are glad. But when it comes to who can be counted on for victory, it is Mr. OkeyEzeh. Beyond that he commands the largest following in the party – something almost religious – he has general acceptability among Imo people for obvious reasons.
“OkeyEzeh is the only aspirant in APGA who has for over six years spoken up against the injustices, ineptitude and ruinous misrule that have pervaded the state. He has been with almost all the pro-democracy and civil society groups in the state and has given a voice to them. He has always identified with all popular movements geared towards better governance in the state. So the people know what he represents.
“Again, APGA in Imo State has always had a history of ‘use and dump’. But the faithful now know better. They now know the qualities that characterise a true APGA member. They know that once OkeyEzeh gets nominated they will put in all they have to give the party victory at the polls, because they know OkeyEzeh will never, never, never think of quitting APGA which is the party he has been in through thick and thin and the only party he has belonged to since he was born,” Ekeiwu maintained.

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