Owerri-based lawyer accuses landlord of assassination attempt

An Owerri based lawyer Mr. Chris Osunka has alleged that his landlord wants to kill him Mr. Osunka who is a pastime politician revealed how his landlord battered him and his wife physically and equally sent hired assassins to assassinate him.
Osunka who spoke to newsmen lamented that the incident of the attempted assassination took place on Friday May 11, May 2018 by 7:45pm.
In the words of Mr. Chris Osunka he disclosed thus: “On the Friday 11th May 2018, I was on my way home after seeing my lawyer Barr Aladume, he left me at Ideal Suites with some money. Almost at my doorstep by 7:45 pm, three men ambushed me and interrogated me after parading themselves as security operatives and I told them I don’t know them while explaining myself to them and resisted their efforts to take me away. By then my wife opened the gate of my house to let me in, I walked into my house and they followed me, then ordered my wife to lay down on the floor, collected her phone, equally took my money, ATM card and my mobile phone.
“As this was going on, my landlord and his wife urged them to beat me and my wife that we were thieves who refused to pack out despite the quit notice he gave.
“The landlord and his wife were urging them on from the balcony upstairs. The house in question is located at No.1 Chidi Anya Close Rd. 7, Federal Housing, Estate, Umuguma, alternatively known as Mount Carmel.
“The three men later left shooting into the air after robbing me and my wife; they never robbed any other body around. Immediately they left, I confronted my landlord and his wife, asking them why they had to do this; my landlord responded that this is just the beginning”.
It was gathered by sources close to our reporters that the landlord was previously into aluminum business before it crumbled, he tried his hands on block molding but presently is idle. He has a penchant for bullying his tenants physically and attempting to assassinate them.

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