Sam Onwuemedo responsible to all socio political failures of Governor Okorocha

History is effective recording of past and present happenings in the countries of the  world and beyond, for the undeveloped mind they are not necessary. It was in like manner that the Nigerian formulators of Educational   curriculum   in   Nigeria removed the study of History from the system, the so called Nigerian Educationists of yester years, they failed to realize that without records of today and yesterday there will be no future. These so called educationist did not pass through the dictates of formal education as they were those of processes because they obtained their qualifications at Nite clubs and various Relaxation Joints, they were products of sorting, favouritism and  nepotism  and  indeed  corrupt lecturers and their bed fellows.
In those days Cambridge certificate holders and London G.C.E Certificates made their ways to permanent secretaries in both Federal and Regional Ministries and the^ Civil Service was almost sacrosanct no one ever dared them. The pensioners were Authorities even their wives hardly knew how and when they were paid their salaries and gratuities, but today the civil service have been politicized and bastardised.
At the inception of Okorocha Regime he got himself posted against Governmental processes those who sing cycophantal praises started applauding him but 1 knew the realities and where the jet fighter was landing, he cancelled our process a record system of Governance and abolished due processes. He abolished tender processes in the award of Government contracts and everything went zig-zag, Quantity Surveyors and Architects were demarcated and anything goes and that was the beginning of the Rescue Abrakatabra, a remarkable result of that was the Jude Agbaso humiliation and attached unfounded lies. The money that disappeared where is it, shall we hold Dr. Jude Agbaso responsible for what he was only programmed to know, e’we hapuga otula njuru ahiri jekuo ishi okpo”. The same woman is now too busy thinking it is easy to cover a carnal without demarcative traces. The Ugwumba exploits with its waiting trailer loads of US Dollars and very soon it will be Imolite Dollars and Ohaji/Egbema tugs shall become international Assassinators.
The Ail Progressive Congress ward Congress yesterday 05/05/2018 speaks volumes and the resultant effect of handing over to a MAD CHIMPANZEE a loaded machine gun. The assault on Arch. Bishop A.J.V Obinna was just a mere scratch those in future way be more disheartening, this time around we do not need a Black mass or Oath of office with the Holy Sacrament, we just need the WHITE covers of the HOLY SPIRIT and let us pray to God Almighty to hasten and fast track to May 29th 2019 and we shall be continuous in His praises.
Now back to my topic, the Chief Press Secretary of any Chief Executive obviously runs the business of that Enterprise on a daily basis. The public dealings of that Enterprise depends on that officer who is supposed to be exceptionally lettered, not a graduate of sorting and who was not properly brought up5 a village Ngbet product. From the inception of this administration, I have not observed or heard of anytime the Governor of the Rescue Mission Government made any public statement or speech that was written, all his speeches are off hand or in other word off head, they have been productions of a Dramatic personae.
The coat of Arms of Imo State have been abused transparently and often. The Governor has often made careless speeches abusing his seniors and respected Eiders without considerations, talking to Permanent Secretaries, Directors and even Justices of the esteemed Judiciary System without regards and respect on values. The Aboh Njakiri and Ashiri that the Douglas House and I ICC Hall have turned to depicts the fallen standard of this Administration only showcasing a WAWA Formation. A former Aide of the Governor calling him a comedian, a CLOWN or Mr Ibu as personalized is just saying the least that his former Boss has no content. In the recent times the Governor have over done things making over Eighty percent of Imolites to become beggars that are unable to earn one meal without meat or fish a day, on a daily basis thousands of people are being impoverished and thousands are dying without money for their burials. The templates of good governance have been tampered due to lack of experience and every aspect of Governmental processes gone comatose. Let all well meaning Imolites pray fervently, the Egyptians should not be allowed to cross the Red Sea with us as Imo State is being handed over again to God Almighty and His Angels.
By Nze Okwaraeze Eronini writes from Owerri, Imo State. E-mail: 08034091150.

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