Owerri Zone Woos Orlu for 2019 Imo Guber …Seeks political affiliation with leaders

Orlu senatorial district, comprising twelve Local Government Areas in Imo State, and which is expected to play a prominent role in who becomes the next governor of the state is highly chased by the two other zones of Owerri and Okigwe in order for either of them to be supported for the number one position of the state.

During the weekend a group under the aegis of Olu Owerri led by Chief Martins Opara approached a social cultural group in Orlu Zone known as Orluzurumee which is the apex body of the zone to seek partnership on what the Olu Owerri described as the imaginary political situation in the state.

According to Chief Opara, Olu Owerri came to the Orlu Zone to seek for brotherly reunion, to reawaken the consciousness of the community and village leaders to rise up to the challenge of halting  anything that will endanger or obliterate the future of our young people and the future generation. We came for us to unite and reach out to similar groups of like minds in Okigwe Zone to create a discussion platform to guide our actions and relationship in the years to come.

He assured that Olu Owerri will stand tall in collaboration with the zone and other groups of like minds to implement positive agreements which would promote equality, fairness, good brotherliness and bring good governance to Imo State.

Chief Opara who is the President General of Olu Owerri stated that people should not allow personal and parochial sentiments to derail the foundation of the state which is built on trust and love.

On his part, the President General of Orluzurumee, Chief Emeka Diwe advised the Olu Owerri to go home and put their house in order such that Orlu Zone will give them the support they are seeking for come 2019.

In his word: “only candidates of credible reputation with unalloyed integrity will attract the attention and support of Orluzurumee when the come comes to become”.

He stated that Orluzurumee is not for sale as some mercantile politicians have always thought, stressing that Orluzurumee is social cultural organization with political interest of the betterment of the entire Orlu zone, adding that they support only a true citizen of the zone not an adopted non indigene.


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