The danger in blocking your prayers

This is your chance and may be your last chance to take positive action in this life-deciding matter. Stop blocking your prayer through sin. Stop being a hindrance to yourself through faithlessness and other wickedness in your life. The people you will read about in 2nd Kings Chapters 1-7 received answers to their own prayers, because they possibly removed the blockade of sin and unfaithfulness from their lives. All the people that pitiably perished like the foolish soldier in Chapter 7, Gehazi in Chapter 5 and others that suffered there were only those filled with sins and fully covered by doubts and other wickedness in their lives. God heard them – I mean the faithfuls there – because they fully believed and trusted Him without looking back in any way at all. But a doubting soldier in Chapter 7 and others perished because of doubt as they destructively and blindly decided to imitate the doubting Thomas. Sin is a great blockade. Doubt is also always a great blockade in lives and nations.
Before you pray as I take you directly to the throne of grace, be reminded that if you want to be like any of the genuine saints, please repent fully like them now. If you want to be like Mary, repent like Mary, not calling upon Mary for prayers and yet you are abominable and remain so in your life. You use your mouth to gossip, you also use the same mouth to call Holy Mary. Do you know Mary? I love her dearly because of the clear and practical holiness in her life. The only thing is that I cannot worship her because she is not God. She is one of the agents used by God Almighty to bring salvation into the world, but she is not the salvation-giver. The saviour that brought about salvation for man’s complete freedom from sin and other satanic activities is Jesus Christ as confirmed clearly in Matthew 1:21. Mary happened to be qualified to be the mother of Jesus Christ, as God planned it. But she is not Jesus Christ the saviour and there is no way she can take his place or replace Him at all. That is the reason when they were in confusion, in John Chapter 2:1-5, especially in verses 4-5, she referred them to Jesus Christ and not to herself. So, we should go to Jesus Christ the saviour. Mary said “Go ye to Jesus, whatever he tells you to do, do it”. But people are blindly reversing the whole situation now by going to man and trusting in man instead of trusting our God through Jesus Christ without minding the serious warning in Jeremiah 17:5-10, especially verses 5-9. Jesus is the way and everything in everything (according to John Chapter 14 verses 6, 13 and 14), not any human being, including Mary or any of the saints, please. Please request a free copy of a special lecture on “lessons from virgin Mary” and be cleared or enlightened more.
Before prayer, I humbly take you to Jeremiah 7:1-11, even to verse 12. Then from verse 16, you will see that their iniquitous activities, as recorded there, made it impossible for God to intervene in the problem of the people. Jeremiah was praying for them seriously like Samuel did as a man in Jesse’s house where he saw a giant (Eliab) and said that he was in the presence of God. But God directly protested from heaven and said that He did not know him or something like that. Then, as God moved Samuel his servant to direct, they later went to the bush and fetched David. A preacher or a servant of God is not God. I am not God, but I can introduce you to my effective God through Christ Jesus, in the company of the Holy Spirit. He will surely intervene if there is no blockade of sin and faithlessness. But if I will be intervening for you prayerfully like Jeremiah and Samuel, as referenced above, and you continue to block the way through sin and unbelief, God will also call me to order because of the abominations in your life. You will neither blame me, nor my God, His Christ and the Holy Spirit but yourself if owing to pride and neglect you miss this precious chance of yours to repent in time and make peace with God through Christ the saviour.
Remember again that neglect always brings regret and that no amount of late regret can regain a lost opportunity as warned seriously with questions of serious thoughts in Hebrews chapter 2 verse 3 knowing fully too that Esau proudly neglected his birth right (a dangerous neglect) because of temporary sweet soup and meat. This has been kindly and mercifully echoed again in Hebrews 12:15-17 for the help of all mankind as Esau still missed his birth right without remedy not minding the tears that was involved when it was late. Go to Jeremiah Chapter 7 (the whole chapter, but pay special attention in verses 1 to 12, 16 to 23). You will see there how they remained abominable, and yet disturbing the servant of God (Jeremiah) for prayers in the past. In verse 16, God said “stop praying for these people. Don’t you see what they are doing? They sacrifice to queen of heaven” who is a demon and yet are struggling for prayers and to be prayed for. Please, go and read that Jeremiah Chapter 7 prayerfully and carefully to see that the queen of heaven is a demon, not the mother of Jesus Christ our saviour. Please, go to that place and be enlightened fully before you join liars, gossips and other diverted diverters to gossip against the preacher. Go to the Bible and quarrel with the word of God if you like and not with Ben. Many are blindly and suicidally worshipping the queen of heaven, the demon. Queen of heaven is a dangerous demon. God was annoyed with them, because those people were connected to that high demon called “queen of heaven” and not only worshipping her (the demon) but were also sacrificing to her. Many people are being poisoned and demonised today through that “queen of heaven” with the diversionary belief that they are following Mary the mother of Christ Jesus. Separate “queen of heaven” from the mother of Jesus Christ, please. Do not be diverted and deceived more. “Stop praying for them” said our great God to His servant Jeremiah. “Don’t you see what they are doing?” You hide sin in your heart and you are praying or calling and requesting prayers. Your prayers have been blocked, there is no way and there will never be open door for God to listen or hear you until you repent fully, calling a spade a spade in your own sin-blocked heart and life.
If you want God to answer or start answering your prayers, even without delay, you must arise now and without delay remove the blockades of sin and faithlessness through genuine repentance like the Ninevites and prodigal Son did as recorded in Jonah Chapter 3 and Luke Chapter 15 to get or receive or start receiving your own automatic answer from God, even now, in Jesus’ name. My prayer now as you also pray positively for God’s pardon is that God will use His bulldozer and caterpillar to pull down or uproot from the taproot, all the wickedness of the devil according to your faith. As you humbly repent fully, confessing and forsaking all your sins now for God’s immediate pardon or forgiveness as demanded in Proverb 28:13-14, 24 (part of which reads “He that covereth his sins shall not prosper but whoso confesseth and forsaketh them shall have mercy” [KJV]) and as the blockade is now removed (that is, after your genuine repentance), be saved and completely healed in all rounds, even automatically, in Jesus name.

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