Man allegedly kills lecturer Wife over landed property …Defiles adopted 2 yr-old girl, another

A middle aged man reportedly from Amaokpara, Nkwerre LGA, Imo State, (names with held)has allegedly manipulated the untimely death of his wife, Dr (Mrs) Roseline Anunobi, a lecturer with the Federal University of Technology, FUTO, Owerri, over her landed property and cash he surreptitiously intends to acquire.
Similarly, in the mould of an evil genius, the man, Nigeria Newspoint was reliably informed has also been defiling his adopted two year-old daughter as well as his step daughter’s three year-old child.
According to sources, the said man had allegedly taken his wife of over ten years, who has been battling a mysterious sickness since last December to a healing home in Ohuba in Ohaji- Egbema LGA, where she allegedly died in mysterious circumstance.
Nigeria Newspoint was further informed that the man, an Owerri based businessman reportedly snatched the deceased Lecturer, from her first husband of Aggah community, Ogba/ Egbema /Ndoni LGA of Rivers State. Investigation revealed that her first Children strongly suspect that she may have been sent to great beyond to pave way for him to take over her landed properties and assets.
Trouble was said to have started when Mrs Anunobi’s daughter who is the man’s step daughter, one Miss Duru returned to the country from
Oman, in December last year against his wish, when she learnt of her mother’s critical ill health.
On coming back, his step daughter had discovered to her shock that her step father never cared to take her mother, for one day, to any hospital or even a Prayer house to look for solution to her ailment, despite its severity.
Sources also revealed that his step daughter who was piqued by her step father’s seeming deliberate negligence started making frantic effort to save her mother’s life.
She was said to have been introduced to a Prophet who not only gave her assurances that her mother would be cured but also revealed to her the genesis of her mother’s mysterious illness. The source disclosed that she got to know that her step father wanted her mother dead; so that he can lay hand on the late FUTO Lecturer’s property and bank account.
The Prophet also reportedly promised that the woman will be healed soon and true to this promise the sick woman began showing signs of improvement prompting her daughter to decide to make arrangements to take her out of their death infested house for proper care and treatment.
But, no sooner than she concluded that arrangement than her step father opposed it saying he and her brother, had made alternative arrangements to take the sick woman to another
Prophet in Ohuba, Ohaji Egbema LGA where she died, same evening.
The step daughter and her mum were said to have vehemently kicked against the plan to go Ohuba but her step father stuck to his gun with the active support of the ailing woman’s elder brother, names also withheld.
Eventually, the duo had their way and ferried the woman to Ohuba where she reportedly died that same night.
Nigeria Newspoint gathered that her daughter who came back the following morning to see her mother was shocked to hear that her mother who showed no sign of death the previous evening had died.
She reportedly cried foul alleging that the circumstances of her mother’s death suggested she died unnaturally.
To make matters worse, her step father initially vehemently refused to take her to the mortuary where her mother’s corpse was deposited thus forcing her to create an embarrassing scene at Ohuba before she was taken to the mortuary and even at that she was never allowed to have a close look at her mother’s corpse.
As soon as Mrs Anunobi died her husband reportedly swung into action with the intention of grabbing her property documents and other assets including her bank accounts, a move that fell through her daughter had beat him to his game and taken hold of those valuables before he could reach them.
According to sources this infuriated him so much that he is threatening to kill her if she
refused to hand in the documents to him.
But, fearing for her life, his step daughter is said to have fled home and gone into hiding to avoid being sent to untimely grave by her step father who is reportedly desperate to get the documents.
Meanwhile, it was also reliably gathered that the man had been in the habit of defiling his two years old adopted daughter and three years old daughter of his step daughter, both of who call her father.
The minors were said to have let the cat out of the bag recently when questioned by his step daughter, and mother to the three year victim of his defilement.
Information at our disposal revealed that he had been indulging in the condemnable act long before the return of his step daughter who burst the heinous act.
The eagle eyed lady had caught him red handed one day after noticing that the adopted minor was walking with limp and showing signs of pain.
She had reportedly confronted the child who promptly pointed in between her legs and muttered daddy, referring to Mr Anunobi.
His obviously alarmed step daughter had reportedly carried out a quick check and found droplets of semen on her genitals as well as that of her child and promptly confronted her step father who overwhelmed by shame could not utter a word in defence of himself.

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