Imo Governorship: OPOCA lacks moral sense to challenge Orluzurumee

I have always wanted to stay off any issue concerning politics especially, when it is linked to the 2019 governorship election in Imo State. But as an individual and one of the leaders in Orlu Zone, I find it very disturbing and nauseating to continue to keep quiet when wrongs are seen as rights.

To start with, an uninformed fellow will be curious to find out the difference between Orluzurumee and the Orlu political consultative Assembly, OPOCA. But by virtue of the fact that I am an Orlu man, I see Orluzurumee as a socio-cultural organization made up of technocrats and reputable personalities of Orlu extraction who have made their marks in various human endeavors but not necessarily in politics.

I do not struggle to convince a doubting Thomas to believe that an organization that parades caliber of persons like, Chief Engr. Chime Nzeribe, Prof Francis Dike (SAN), Prof Ukachukwu Awuzie (Former ASUU President & VC-IMSU) and former Deputy Governor of Imo State, Dr. Douglas Achulonu among others is credible, outstanding and therefore should not be compared with a mushroom village Union like, “Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA)’7. One should be able to ask these people championing OPOCA what they have done for their Zone in particular and the state at large since their political gambling started?

In the academic point of view, a Professor is an authority in his field, and when an authority issues statement, he stands by it and is ready to defend it when necessary. The position of Orluzurumee in the 2019 Imo Governorship election should be seen as the overall position of any reasonable and sensible Orlu person no matter whose ox is gored.

Orluzurumee as a reputable and credible socio-cultural organization believes that since Orlu Zone has held sway at Douglas House for sixteen years, giving the background that Okigwe zone has also been there for over nine years, there is need to allow Ovverri zone to take over from their zone in 2019 having tasted the Governorship position for just one year and six months. What is wrong with this moral and sensible position?

I do riot see anything wrong in their position to allow any political jobber masquerading under a village Union Group like (OPOCA) to attack Orluzurumee for no just cause. These wicked and overzealous political harlots and touts who only resurface during election year do not know that the resolve of the above leaders is to solidify the thwarted peace and unity being enjoyed by the entire zones in Imo State before the emergence of their son, Chief Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha as Governor in 2011.

It is very clear that when Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA) came into being under controversial circumstances few months ago, many Imo citizens, especially those from Orlu zone were prepared to give it the benefit of the doubt. This was largely due to its self appointed objective of harmonizing the political interests of the zone towards effective participation in the political process. But that is not to say that Imolites did not express reservations, even fear over the emergence of the amorphous group given its questionable composition and mission. An amalgam of strange bedfellows and political Lilliputians whose sole aim was ab initio suspect, OPOCA duly presented itself as a baseless, conceived under false pretences and promise.

That notwithstanding, people from Orlu, which has a large chunk of the local governments in Imo state were prepared to give OPOCA a chance. The larger Imo state ever skeptical of the motive of Orlu people in the din of power shift from Orlu to either Okigwe or Owerri zones were alarmed when OPOCA gradually started transforming into a sectional myopic monster which was not averse to devouring its own, talk less of outsiders. From a skewed and parochial view of unfolding events in the state, OPOCA leaped from a docile political pressure group to the mould of Hezebolla to the extent that Imo state was literally put on lire.

To be candid to all, the touted Orlu Political Consultative Assembly (OPOCA) been championed by Mr. Sanfor Nwankwo lacks the prerequisite knowledge of Imo politics, except a mundane and selfish style of stomach politics that has thrown the entire zones into a state of menopause. So I am of the view that if comparism is to be carried out, it should not be between a reputable organization as Orluzurumee and an irresponsible and secluded group like OPOCA.

Prof. Ekwujuru wrote from Owerri

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