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The collection of toll along major Streets and Roads in Owerri by indigenes and non indigenes is becoming very worrisome because the menace is increasing daily. These boys collecting money from streel traders, wheel barrow operator, motorists and Hawkers are operate in private/commercial vehicles with covered plate numbers; they wear ENTRACO T Shirts, Owerri Municipal Traffic Taskforce jacket or Muffi. They ply Douglas Road, Chikwer Street, School Road  Ekeonunwa  Street,  Relief Market,  Wetheral  Road, Ikenegbu Layout, Mbaise Road, Okigwe Road, Tetlow Road among other places.

Touts Extort Motorists Over Non Traffic Sign Posts Touts in Owerri have continued to extort motorists in all the nooks and corners of Owerri because there are no traffic sign posts. These boys pose as genuine men on duty and collect money from traffic offenders they apprehend. They also remove the traffic sign posts mounted by government to enable them make money. They operate along Onumiri Street/Douglas Road, Chikwere Street, Mbaise Road, Owerri Municipal Council/ Post Office, Royce Road/Ama J.K, Douglas Road/Edede Street etc.

The Deplorable Condition of Police Barracks.

The Police Barracks in various parts of the State are in deplorable condition and begging for Rescue. A. visit to Shell Camp Police Barracks, Owerri Urban Police Barracks, Nekede Police Barracks, Nwaoriubi Police Barracks etc show that the policemen and” members of their family deserve better living environment than where they live.

Okorocha’s Ababdoned Bridges, Roads Are Death Traps

The refusal of Oweile Okorocha to complete the construction of roots, bridges and flyovers which he started has turned these places into death traps. The abandoned bridge and roads at Njaba claimed many lives in a fatal accident. IMSU Junction has claimed many people because there is no flyover. Orji and Akwakuma Flyovers are criminal dens since government abandoned them. Will Governor Okorocha complete these abandoned projects before May 29, 2019 or a big task for his successor?

Owerri Youths Resort to Toll Collection for Survival The collection of toll by Youths in Owerri without human face is worrisome. These youths have set aside education and skill acquisition but they have resorted to extorting money from traders in and around the major streets/roads of Ekeukwu Owerri Market. They also collect money from wheel barrow pushers. Toll collection without Identity Cards and official receipt is illegal. Traders are crying to Oweile Rochas Okorocha for Rescue because when people are unable to pay toll, these Youths molest the traders and collecting their goods. Toll collection should be rebranded now.

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