Alleged Libel, Blackmail: Owerri Monarch, Surety On The Run, Court Issues Arrest Warrant.

Prince Bob Njemanze

Following what is said to be unprintable Publications reportedly made against him in an Owerri based tabloid, Prince Bob-Kay Njemanze of Njemanze-Ihenacho revered dynasty has petitioned the Imo state police commissioner against, Eze Peter Eze Mgbowu Ezechikere Njemanze of Amawom Autonomous Community, Owerri Municipal for Libel, Defamation and Character Assassination.

Consequent upon the said Petition dated August 20,2021 the State Commissioner of Police had to charge the suspects:HRH, Eze C. Peter Njemanze, Ikenna Onuoha and Emmanuel Madumere,Columnist and Editor of Announcer Express Newspaper, respectively to Magistrate Court 2, Owerri.
The matter came up on March 9 and the Amawom traditional Ruler and his Surety, one John Njemanze (a.k.a Barry White) were not present in Court.
Report said the Court Issued Warrants of arrest of the said embattled Monarch and his Surety who were not represented by a Counsel.The matter has been adjourned to March 23.
In his Petition,Prince Bob-Kay Njemanze noted that the said Publications in Weekend Announcer Express Newspaper of June 5, 2020, page 7 tagged him a Criminal, fraudster,lunatic,deceitful and untrustworthy person.
The falsehood, he explained are aimed at embarrassing and destroy his hard earned reputation built very many years ago.

Stating further,the Elder Statesman who was a member of the 2014 National Conference on behalf of Imo state chided that the trash against his person was made worse by another by a Columnist for the tabloid, Ikenna Onuoha who in his Article titled,”Bob Njemanze, others & the Balkanization of Owere Nchi Ise Community:Matters arising (Part 1), also termed him as “Lawless and a Sycophant with dangerous approach to Life”. A person who ridicules administrations of governments in the State when the going becomes rough for him, etc.”

Prince Njemanze said, I am a Scion in Njemanze Dynasty and Eze Mgbowu whom he said he couldn’t have joined issues with for many person reasons, since,he is not contesting anything with him went ahead to Publish that he is a bastard with no ascertainable means of livelihood, a negative influencer and bootlicker.
In its strong defense of Prince Bob Njemanze, the Umu Njemanze Royal Kindred Meeting of Amawom had expressed their disappointment in Peter Eze Mgbowu, who they refused to call an Eze in a Release.
The document signed by the chairman, Prince Declan Ozoemena Njemanze and Elder Prince Donald Amanze Njemanze, Head, Njemanze Royal Dynasty condemned strongly the Publications,noting that it was sponsored by Politicians in authority who were uncomfortable with Prince Bob’s outspokenness and want to denigrate his personality.

Describing the entire Publications against Prince Bob-Kay Njemanze as a sponsored fake/false tissues which must be completely disregarded, they added. “It is completely mendacious and Peter Mgbowu is not a traditional ruler.”
Umu Njemanze made it emphatic that,”Peter Mgbowu is one of the minions Chief Ethelbert Rochas Okorocha,then Governor ,used for the purported Balkanization of Owerri Community and we distance our Dynasty from the ignominious Greek gift…”.

Meanwhile,it has been gathered that that the embattled Monarch is no where to be found in the community,even as it is said that he has been unable to inter the body of his Mother who died since a year ago because “he has no place of Abode,so no space for her burial with his Surety brother,Barry White”.
The source revealed that no true son of Njemanze would accept a Staff and Certificate of Office from a sitting Governor because it is against the laid down tradition.”The Oshieze of Eke Na Okorie Kindred of Amawom people selects an Eze from Njemanze Ihenacho Dynasty and not otherwise”

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