SYNOD: Anglican Bishop advises NASS leadership to resign …Flays neglect of Federal Character Principle

The current leadership of the National Assembly, has been advised to honourably “resign and allow true patriots to lead this important arm of government, for the rejuvenation of Nigeria”.

The Anglican Archbishop of Owerri Ecclesiastical Province, His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. David O. C. Onuoha, made the call Thursday, in his Presidential Address to the first session of the 10 synod, held at St. John’s Anglican Church, Umunumo, Ehime Mbano Local Government  Area of Imo State.

Explaining why his advice became necessary, the Archbishop said: “It is very disturbing that the two arms of the National Assembly, appears totally helpless in fulfilling their constitutional role of law making, appropriation and effective oversight of other arms of government, to ensure checks and balances.

“One of the things that have infused fear and suspicion, thereby creating unease in the land today, is the total disregard to the federal character principle that was built into the Constitution, to ensure that every section of the country feels accommodated and welcomed in the scheme of things.

“The impunity with which this principle has been jettisoned also meets the ready willingness of the National Assembly, especially the Senate, to approve appointments that did not meet the requirement of the very law enacted by them,is a great disservice to Nigeria.”

The cleric was particularly irked that at a time of near national emergency, when Nigeria assumed the unfortunate status of a killing field, the Nigerian Senate recently spent time debating on a bill, seeking to create a database for livestock.

His words: “That the Senate had time for this trash at a time insecurity, corruption, inflation, poverty, unemployment is bringing the nation down on its knees, is not only ridiculous, but also very unfortunate.

“Nigerians have lost confidence in an assembly that owes its loyalty to a person than our nation. A National Assembly that makes laws and watches it flagrantly abused, is a disaster to any people or nation.

“A National Assembly that cannot activate constitutional provisions to rescue the nation from destruction and/or disintegration at critical moments like this, is to say the least, an embarrassment.

“An Assembly that prefers to guard and protect a regime instead of a nation and her people, an assembly that chooses to play lullaby to a sleeping leader,instead of shaking him up from slumber, an assembly that seeks to preserve it’s political career and interest, at the cost of the blood of innocent citizens, is a disaster.”

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