Imo: The Wedding that United two opposition Families

Marriage is about the oldest institution in the world. The bible says’ and God created man, Adam’. After creating Adam, God saw that he Adam needed a helper. So God created woman, Eve by taking out one of the ribs of Adam and used it to create Eve. After that, God saw that everything was beautiful and so was the institution of marriage was canonized in the Garden of Eden.
This is the biblical story of the origin of marriage in the world. There has been no other efficacious story from all sociological, anthropological or historical origin of marriage. But man and woman have lived together and the union have produced generation upon generation of homo-sapiens called humans.
In Nigeria and essentially in Igboland where we operate, marriage is a good thing and brings forth life in a new generation. Marriage unites families and improves ties of love, friendship and cultural and traditional ties. In today’s world, people use marriages to cement political ties or elicit sentiments that can garner votes. In climes beyond ours like in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, we read how the two young persons extincted their lives because family hatred did not allow them consummate their heart desire. Too, too bad. Wrong decision! We also biblically remember that our Lord Jesus Christ performed his first miracle in his spiritual work in Cana of Galilee. Though when our Lord Jesus Christ was confronted with the question of marriage in the woman who married seven brothers on who will be her husband in heaven, he quickly said that in heaven there is nothing like marriage. However the bible in another breath assuaged the desire of man by saying that he who finds a wife, finds favour in the sight of God.
So it was that on Saturday 13th of November 2021 in Owerri, at the traditional wedding of Barr. Ralph Nwosu and Chief Rt. Hon. Chuma Nnaji’s son and daughters traditional wedding; the political families of the APC and PDP found favour of unity in the eyes of the Lord in Imo State.
In that beautiful wedding, the many big wigs and shakers and movers of politics in Imo state were in attendance. The roll call was intimidating: Governor Hope Uzodimma, Ikedi Ohakim, Eze C.I Ilumuanya, Tony Chukwu, Harritex Njoku, Cosmas Iwu, Nnamdi Anyaehie, McDonald Ebere, Batos Nwadike, Chris Okewuluonu, Chibuike Achigbu, Enyinnaya Onuegbu, Prof. Ikegwuoha, Ben Ekwueme, Doris Anyanwu, Madam SoSoSo, Love Ineh, COC Akaolisa, Chinasa Chidi Nwaneri, Cliff Nzereum, Uche Onyeagocha, Willie Amadi, Cosmas Maduba, CMC Onuoha et al. It was congregation and reunification of members of one political family under the leadership of Sen. Hope Uzodimma as the highest PDP politically elected grass root person as it were and not primus inter pares. I see nothing holding anyone from joining the winning train.
H.E Governor Hope Uzodimma have opened his hands of friendship and partnership to beckon on our people to join his government of Shared Prosperity for the betterment of Imo State. Since the case of Sheriff and Markafi at the Supreme Court, this political family have not met under one canopy except on Sat. 13th Nov. 2021.
It was a sight. It was a pleasant camaraderie to behold. Brothers hugged brothers and sisters hugged each other putting party differences aside. They ate together from one plate, drank together from one cup and danced together to the same music under one roof. Helleluya! Praise the Lord brethren.
Imo Adila Mma!
Dr. Batos Nwadike (Oyi of Igboland) is Chancellor of The Leadership by Example League International ( LELI) and writes from Owerri, Imo State.

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