Presidency: Ndigbo, not Inferior, Says Uzoma

The Prelate of Christ victorious Alive Revival mission and Rector, Alive Theological Seminary of Nigeria, owerri, Bishop Uzoma Emmanuel Afamefuna has opined that Igbo people are a great tribe that cannot be neglected in scheme of things in Nigeria.

The Cleric expressed this opinion in a message he gave at Alive Theological Seminary of Nigeria,owerri recently.According to His Lordship, a typical Igbo man is dynamic, hardworking, enterprising and optimistic and can succeed anywhere he finds himself.The cleric further decried the total neglect of south East in major appointments in Nigeria and queried the Federal  Government to tell the whole world the offense the people committed that would make them unfit to occupy plumb positions.He described the insinuation and fake news that  are in circulation that the Igbo cannot rule the Country as coming from the pit of hell.Bishop Uzoma therefore advised President Muhammadu Buhari to fix the country now that he is back from his health trip  abroad and avert further crisis in Nigeria especially in the South East which has been inundated with crises in recent time.The fiery cleric also urge the South East Governors to show true patrotism by defending their people from marginalization and making policies that would create peace, unity and and love among Ndigbo . The Bishop  avered that if Nigeria will experience peace and unity , rule of law must prevail and the three major tribes should come together to discuss a way forward on a  round table .In his words, “Nigeria is old enough to remain as one indivisible nation and the things that bind us together are no longer respected which the founding fathers established”.

 The Bishop accused some Igbo men who are working against the actualization of Igbo presidency and cautioned them not to be  used to frustrate the project as Igbo presidency is a reality, if Nigeria should remain an entity

Concerning the Ebubeagu, security outfit launched by South East governors, the man of God expressed doubt on the workability of the outfit  because of lack of proper consultation as many stake holders were not carried along which is likely going to mar the effort of it’s establishment.He suggested that ESN should have been reintegrated and embraced by the South East governors and make it a formidable force to serve the entire people

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